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How to use Instagram Stories like a pro

  Let’s face it, Snapchat is facing some serious, constant competition from Instagram. While the company is nowhere near down and out, brands and individuals are increasingly shifting over to Instagram Stories for a variety of reasons. Instagram has been relentless about bringing over some of Snapchat’s best features and tools — and often making its own refinements ...
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The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2017

  Is there really a best time of the day to post on Instagram so your photos and videos get more views, likes and comments? Figuring this out can be a little bit tricky. First of all, since Instagram is primarily accessed via a mobile device, users can take a quick glance at their Instagram feed any time they want, from almost anywhere. Posting, viewing and inter...
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    If you want to save on Instagram Manager service next month or a product right away, refer a friend to us and get 10% Off on your entire order! For each friend you will refer to us, you will save 10% that means if you refer 10 friends, the product or service you will purchase from us will be free! Isn't this awesome? What are you waiting for go ahe...
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Instagram new algorithm

    As a Facebook owned company it’s no surprise that Instagram now adopts an algorithmic timeline as opposed to a chronological one. But what does Instagram’s new algorithm mean for you brand? Many marketers are freaking out, and as a result my feed is flooded with “Turn On Notifications” posts. Whether the change is good or bad seems to be a matter of opin...
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Trending Instagram Hashtags 2017

  Hashtags anyone? Instagram and other social networking sites still dominate the web. If you’re into Instagram and you simply want to expand your following, you need to know the most popular hashtags today. Hashtags are very valuable. It will help your photos or short videos to be discovered and found in the vast universe of Instagram. So if you don’t want t...
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Hashtags : How to make good use of them in Instagram?

What is a hashtag? . A hashtag is a “symbol” (or code) that allows web search engines to find and categorize messages, keywords and in the case of Instagram, pictures.   For instance, if you type #cat or #cats in one of your pictures, any user anywhere in the world looking for “cat” or “cats” will easily find your picture and others user’s pictures using the same...
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